forbes 30 under 30 illustrator

Mixc World Christmas
Infiniti and Beyond
Following The Great Wall (Single Project)
Mixc World Launch
Victo Ngai X Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Single Project)
Dazzle Ship (Single Project)
Hong Kong Airline Pattern(Single Project)
Three Colors Trilogy (Single Project)
Science and Health (Collection)
United Nation Stamps(Single Project)
Sci-fi, Fantasy and Spiritual 2 (Collection)
Silk Screen Prints (Collection)
Prophecy Wine Labels (Single Project)
Apple Lucky Rooster (Single Project)
Apple Lucky Rooster Animations (Single Project)
Lincoln MKC Car Art (Single Project)
Business & Trade 2 (Collection)
Arts and Sports (Collection)
Chinese Fairy Tale and Fantasies (Single Project)
Magazine Covers (Collection)
Amex Art Cards (Single Project)
A Happy Tiger Beer Chinese New Year (Single Project)
Sci-fi, Fantasy and Mystery (Collection)
Private Commissions (Collection)
Cyber Warfare (Single Project)
Book Covers (Collection)
Posters (Collection)
Frenke (Single Project)
Food & Travel (Collection)
Advertisements (Collection)
The Wound and The Gift (Single Project)
Four Freedoms (Single Project)
The New Yorker (Collection)
Social & Political (Collection)
NYTimes Op-Ed (Collection)
Portraits (Collection)
Business & Trade 1 (Collection)
Old Time Favorites (Collection)
Editorial Archive (Collection)
Kids (Collection)
I was born in 1930, 3500'N 10500'E (Single Project)
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