Apple Lucky Rooster

A billboard + online Year of the Rooster New Year celebration collaboration with Apple.

Final Horizontal Key Image
Working at home with my most diligent assistant Dawson.
Vertical Key Image Sketch
Horizontal Key Image Sketch
"Inking" on iPadPro. 
A time lapse video of the digital inking process. 
Color Test 1
Color Test 2
Color Test 3 (winner!)
Coloring WIP in Photoshop
Keep on cranking on the plane. 
Final Vertical Key Image
Launch Event at Apple Store Canton Road Hong Kong
Application Examples
Client: Apple
Agencies: Amanacliq, Altavia-Group, Mediaartslab, MAL, TBWA
Project Manager: Edie Cheng
Art Director: Mesu Lu 
*Special thanks to everyone who has sent me wonderful photos of the rooster billboards!
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