Posters (Collection)

A selection of posters for various clients.

Utopia, Frogfolio, AD: Jim Burke
American Illustration 32, 2013
Society of Illustrators New York 55, 2013 – Gold Medal
Communication Arts 54, 2013
Utopia, Close-ups
Happy Dragon's Year, McDonald's, AD: Benjamin Milam, Agency: Leo Burnett
Spectrum 19, 2012
Society of Illustration New York 55, 2013
Teamwork Magic, Ogilvy
The Cloisters, MTA Arts and Design, AD: Amy Hausmann
Society of Illustrators New York 57, 2015
Communication Arts 56, 2015
Spectrum 22, 2015
The Cloister, Close-ups
Up From The Well, NPR
Rule Breaker, Spectrum, AD: John Flesks

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