The inspiration behind this Christmas image was “gifting” as it has long been the heart of the holiday. 
The title of this piece is "Mixc Christmas Workshop", a reference to the Santa's workshop, we see Mixc Elephant giving the Little Girl a behind-the-scenes VIP tour. Instead of depicting the "exchanges",  I want to focus on the "making" of gifts, as the best gifts are those which much thoughts, love, and care have been put into. I believe a great gift is also one that's tailored specifically to the recipient,  therefore the tour the Little Girl is an exclusive one. If you look closer, you will see that she's the only human in this image. Perhaps somewhere in a parallel dimension, another Mixc Elephant avatar is giving another kid a bespoke tour. Contrasting the launch image of Mixc World, which showcases a community of shared happiness and festivities, this one is about the intimate individual experience and relationship with the space. 

To capture the sense of wonder and magic of Christmas , I worked with the idea of "infinite possibilities", represented by the box within the box within the box and the multiple Mixc Elephants and Little Girls. 

Elephant and little girl is main characters in the opening image of Mixc World, It is my intention to create a series of narration with reoccurring characters through the 3 consecutive Mixc World campaigns, I hope Mixc Elephant and Little Girl will become familiar friends with the audiences, and that audiences can partake in this visual journey.  Besides the familiar faces, many themes and ideas are carried over to this image from the launch image. For examples, the stripe motif is present here to sustain the impression of a continuous world.The idea of “all is in one, one is in all, infinite possibilities” lives on, with the Mixc Elephant being both outside and boxes and inside the boxes.  And of course, the sense of curiosity, wonder and fun set the tone for both of these pieces.

I left 13 elephants as Easter egg of the image in the Mixc World Launch  image. This time, rather than hiding elephant motifs in the image, I have given nods to some beloved Christmas icons, such as the Nutcracker, the Radio City Rockettes, the Light of Bethlehem, The Polar Express, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa’s helpers, Christmas’ candles at the window, peppermint cane.​​​​​​​

Mixc World Christmas Final Image
Mixc World Christmas Sketch
Mixc World Christmas B/W Drawing
Close Up Details 
Mixc World Christmas Applications

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