Science and Health (Collection)

A selection of conceptual illustrations for various science and health articles in different publications.

Femme Fatale, VQR Magazine, AD: Paul Reyes
The Breast Labyrinth, Cincinnati Magazine, AD: Megan Scherer
Society of illustrators New York 55, 2013
Communication Arts 53, 2012
American Illustration 31, 2012
Selective Mutism, Boston Globe, AD: Matt Callahan
 Perception, Scientific America, AD: Bernard Lee
Signaling Mourning, Johns Hopkins Health Review, AD: Pam Li 
Society of Illustrators NY 58, 2016
American Illustration 35, 2016
Coming to Life, Smithsonian Magazine, AD: Maria Keehan
Society of illustrators New York 59, 2017
The moving Meditation, St. Louis Magazine, AD:Rachel Harris
The Kingdom of Sickness, Sarah Lawrence Alumni Magazine, AD: Hannah Fichandler 
Brainwork, Wall Street Journal, AD: Keith Webb
Dinnertable Talk, Scrubs, AD: Maxine Davidowitz
Holistic Battlefield, New You Magazine, AD: Donna Agajanian
Putting yourself First, New You Magazine, AD: Donna Agajanian

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