Social & Political (Collection)

A selection of color illustrations ran in different publications for various social and political topics.

The Great Divide, Liberty Magazine, AD: Bryan Gray 
Society of Illustrators New York 57, 2015
Spectrum 22, 2015
Global Ambition, The New York Times Sunday Review, AD: Alexandra Zsigmond
New York Times Notable 20 Op-Ed Illustrations, 2013Hungting Season
Spectrum 21, 2014
Humanitarian Raid, Mother Jones, AD: Carol Perot
Spectrum 23, 2016
Enroute to the Whitehouse, Cooperate Knight Magazine, AD: Jack Dylan
 The Evans, Cincinnati Magazine, AD: Megan Scherer 
Society of illustrators New York 57, 2015
Love Hunter, The New York Times Business Section, AD: Minh Uong
Second Hand Tix Machine, United Airline/Rhapsody Magazine, AD: Christos Hannides 
The Cost of Cool, New York Times Sunday Review, AD: Erich Nagler
New York Times Notable 20 Op-Ed Illustrations, 2012

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