Magazine Covers (Collection)

A selection of magazine covers.

Deep Thinkers, Computer World Magazine, AD:April Montgomery
American Illustration 33, 2014
Society of Illustrators New York 56, 2014
Spectrum 21, 2014
ASBPE Awards for Design Excellence, 2014 – GOLD MEDALS  for “Front Cover” and “Opening Page/Spread” Categories.
Moon Catcher, PLANSPONSOR, AD: SooJin Buzelli 
Society of Illustrators New York 56. 2014
Spectrum 21, 2014
The Day, Liberty Magazine, AD: Bryan Gray​​​​​​​
The Day Interior, Liberty Magazine, AD: Bryan Gray
Too Big to Not Fail, CIOSurope, AD: SooJin Buzelli
Society of Illustrators New York 57, 2015
American Illustration 34, 2015
Spectrum 22, 2015

China Eyes Hollywood, Variety Magazine, AD: Chuck Kerr
Society for News Design 38, 2016 – Illustrated Cover, MERIT
Cobol BrainDrain, Computer World. AD: April Montgomery
Folio 2012 Ozzie Awards -Gold Medal in Best use of Illustration
 Folio 2012 Ozzie Awards-Silver Medal in Best Feature Design,
Spectrum 20 selected, 2013
Treacherous Water, PLANSPONSOR, AD: SooJin Buzelli
American Illustration 32, 2013

The Traveler, RISD XYZ, AD: Liisa Silander 
Wrap up 2015, PLANSPONSOR, AD: SooJin Buzelli

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